Saturday, September 12, 2009

B-day gift review...

Good day, everyone!! 
I am happy to announce that I am getting married tomorrow.... 
No, actually, it is my birthday on Monday, but AM gave me my gift today!! We had to see if it worked or not--and that way I can use it on Monday. Wanna know what it is?? (in the voice of Dory)  
Huh?? Do ya? DO YAH DO YAH DO YAH?!?!  

I LOVE Dory, by the way. HEY!! I can speak whale, too!!

Aaaaaaaaaanyways!! Back to my AWESOME gift...

Wait for it...... Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit....


Yes, ladies and gentlemen!! THAT is the ULTRA girly-pink, slim, new, touch-screen, FANTASTIC 12.1 MP,1280x720p HD film-quality recording with audio stereo, Smile Shutter, Carl Zeiss-design, 12-Shoot Modes, AND dishwasher--THE SONY DSC-T90!!!!!!  
(for those who didn't get it-- 
I was just kidding about the dishwasher part... unfortunately )
**sulking at sink**

I have already tested it out on AM. We did a few photos and a couple of videos--and I must say that the quality is FREAKISHLY awesome!! The only down-side you ask? Hm... Let's list the pros and cons... I'm gonna list it like my great-gramps taught me...  
"If there is ever a time that you need to point out an error or folly in someone, tell them three good qualities that they have FIRST, and then proceed -with delicacy."

1. It's pink, compact and digital!!
2. Extremely high photo/film quality (color-wise, pixels, clarity) HD, BABY!!!
3. SO many wonderful options for shooting modes!! FUN FUN FUN!!


1. Short battery life...Being touch-screen, the LCD sucks up a bit of the battery. You can expect around 200 shots before the battery gives way. 
2. 11 MB of internal memory... WHAT?!?! THAT'S LIKE TWO PHOTOS!!
3. The lens is too close to where I put my fingers... top left-hand corner... BLAH!! 

Well, folks, there you have it--My review on the beautiful SONY DSC T90!!

Grazie, AM!!