Monday, September 14, 2009


It's my birthday!! Yes, yes, yes it is!! The BIG 2-4. Oh crap... half-mid-mid-life crisis... AT 24!! Oh jeeze. What am I gonna do today?? SEASHELL HUNT!!! I have this thing for seashells from the Ionian. Actually, it's just an excuse to use my camera... No, not just an excuse, I really am convinced that today, because it's my birthday, I will find SOME sort of treasure... We'll see... I don't know what kind... but we'll see... Every time I go to the sea here, I find SOMEthing. 
For example... A starfish!!

Ummmmmm....... A BUNCH of eels, too... But that was a different type of hunt... 
AM and I fish during the summer for fish and eels. See that cove to the left? A 5-foot eel we got from there a month ago!!
Anyways!! Gotta go!!