Monday, September 7, 2009


I have been sitting in front of my computer like a log--wondering what to share first... I thought for a moment "Oh my gosh, I have NOTHING to write about"... Then I looked through some pictures and realized that I don't know where to start!!
Perhaps that was also one of my motives to start blogging in the first place... To appreciate what cool things I've done (am doing). Everyone has a different life, different situation, different income, different recipes, different marital status... DIFFERENT!! I find everyone else's life FASCINATING--because it's not mine. It's not what I am used to. So, just maybe, there is someone else out there who finds my life fascinating, too. And just maybe, someone will be able to see things they otherwise would not have seen had they never read my blog. SO, here is to those that just might find my life interesting or might learn something new!! (((cheers)))

Let us begin with lemurs. LEMURS!! I love lemurs. I hate monkeys, though. They are in the same family, if I am not mistaken... But they are SO much FUN!! They remind me of King Julian from Madagascar. "I like to move it move it... I like to move it move it..." AH!! I loved that film. Anyway, ML (my love) and I went to Zoo Safari in Fasano, Italy (, to visit them. This zoo is WONDERFUL... They have a separate area where you enter with your car and you are immersed entirely in THEIR world--with tigers, lions, bears, giraffes (who got their head stuck in the window of our car while they stuck out their ENORMOUS black tongues to steal our bread), zebras, deer, etc. Back to King Julian--They sneaked their little bodies through the cage bars and came to us to steal our nuts. ((that sounded wrong))... Peanuts. They don't bite, scratch or anything!! But they LOVE attention!! And peanuts. And bread. And whatever else you'll give up to have them in your lap, with one hand eating what you gave them and the other hand holding yours so that you don't go anywhere. TINY LITTLE HANDS!! Too much fun... Take a look!!
ML and I did a search to see about adopting one, but it is a bit more complicated than a doggy or kitty cat. Hehe... bummers...
Don't you just WANT one, too?!?! I DO!! 
Here they are--so much like us, aren't they? Well... not much like me... but like... well.. "us"...

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